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Pre / postnatal yoga

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New session: from September 13 to October 27, 2021

Technical details : 

You can purchase 7 lessons for the session, which are transferable to the next session if you arrive along the way. If you give birth in the meantime, you can take the remaining lessons during the postnatal session. 

Since places are counted in the room, we can credit a course to be retaken later, but otherwise the courses must be taken over consecutive weeks (except in the case of childbirth). 

You must bring a yoga mat and a pillowcase, the rest of the equipment is provided on site. 

Note that you need a valid vaccination passport to participate in the courses. 

Prenatal yoga: 

The prenatal yoga class can bring to the woman or the pregnant person, a serenity and a balance which will accompany it during all the months of the pregnancy, during the childbirth, then in postnatal period.

More specifically, yoga for the pregnant person will:

  • Increase general body flexibility and tone muscles.
  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles through perineal exercises and increase the elasticity of the pelvic floor for childbirth.
  • By practicing deep breathing, the pregnant person will oxygenate their brain and balance the central nervous system. 
  • Increase energy, help maintain general health.
  • Prepare the pregnant person for childbirth and the postpartum period.
  • Through meditation, strengthen her sense of inner peace, giving her more confidence in the period of uncertainty she will be going through.
  • Strengthen muscles in general; helping to spare the joints and prevent injuries.
  • Increase body awareness, promoting good posture and a better understanding of the origin of back pain.
  • Learn the ancestral acupressure points to reduce pain during childbirth.

Postnatal yoga: 

In this class, we will encourage the natural bond between mom / parent and baby. During this seven week period, we will cover:

  • The needs of the mother / parent, physical, spiritual and mental
  • The behavior of the baby, newborn reflexes, cries, infantile cues, bonding.
  • Teach mother / parent how to massage babies.
  • Yoga poses for babies, yoga poses for mothers / parents.
  • Teach different forms of meditation for mothers / parents.
  • Practice and teach the sounds and mantras of yoga.
  • Explore walking meditation with babies and group interactions.

Champa Cyr is a certified baby yoga mom and teacher, she is there to facilitate relaxation, acceptance and awareness within the mom and baby group. This class is also a place where parents can exchange and share the experience they have and therefore create a community between them.

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