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Prenatal Vitamins - Prenatal Ease

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We have vitamins for the 2nd and 3rd trimester available in store. 

2nd trimester:
Contains 19 vitamins and minerals essential for your baby's growth and higher levels of iron to help increase blood production.

Bottle of 90 vegetarian capsules (1.5 month supply).

3nd trimester: 

Special herbal blend to prepare the body for work, reduce indigestion and bloating. Rich source of chromium to maintain good glycemic control. Bottle of 90 vegetarian capsules (1.5 month supply)

The team behind Prenatal Ease combines their knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine and contemporary Western medicine and incorporates it into products that meet the needs of families trying to conceive or expecting a child. Years of research have gone into making these products the optimal supplements for every stage of pregnancy and the postpartum period.
The Prenatal Ease development team includes healthcare professionals from a variety of backgrounds, including medicine, physiotherapy, and traditional Chinese medicine. After many years of intensive research, Prenatal Ease products are now on the market.

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