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Herbal tea for the 3rd trimester - Calming

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This herbal tea will be your best ally for your third trimester of pregnancy, just before the baby arrives.

Here you will find a gentle blend of calming and soothing plants and flowers that will help you with stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Take care of your nervous system and your heart with these sweet notes of lemon balm, rose, lavender and chamomile.

A treat for the soul of mum and baby.

This herbal tea can be consumed from the 2nd Trimester of pregnancy, in addition to the 2nd Trimester, in case of stress and insomnia. It is also safe during breastfeeding and can also be an ally outside of pregnancy in case of stress, anxiety and insomnia. We offer it to those around us who need it!

Warning: Do not use in case of glaucoma and medication with hypnotic effect.


Drink as many times a day as you want, from the 4th month of pregnancy.

Ingredients : Lemon balm leaves, lavender flowers, Rosa centifolia flowers, chamomile flowers