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Herbal tea - Almost there!

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Let infuse 2 tbsp. in a cup of water for 8 minutes. Drink as many times a day as you want, starting from the 37th week of pregnancy.

Ingredients : Raspberry leaves, Rosa centifolia flowers, rosemary, thyme, holy basil leaves.

Herbal tea to consume from the 37th week of pregnancy to prepare for childbirth.

The raspberry will prepare the uterus for the big day while the thyme and rosemary will help keep your system in top shape! You don't want to give birth with a cold, believe me!

That said, true story, ALL of my sinusitis symptoms went on hiatus during delivery. It is well made the same the human body!

Holy basil, in India, is the "Queen of plants" and has been revered for over 5000 years to increase endurance, adaptability to stress and to restore balance and harmony. Its presence in this herbal tea is in small quantities and gives a divine taste!