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The Repairer (for pelvic region)

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50 ml spray for good recovery of the pelvic region after childbirth. 


Ingredients / ingredients: Hamamelis virginiana water extract, helichrysum italicum water extract *, lavandula angustifolia water extract *,, citrus aurantium amara flower water extract *, achillea millefolium water extract, leuconostoc / Radish Root Ferment Filtrate. * Bio / organic


Italian helichrysum and lavender are aromatic essences traditionally recognized for their great healing power, while witch hazel is an exceptional astringent. Yarrow and neroli will act as a soothing agent. Used here in hydrosols (floral waters), they are safe for nursing mothers and babies.

“Following childbirth, I always suggest that women have a synergy of healing hydrosols with her. In the hospital, birthing center or at home, this formula can be sprayed on the perineum from the first urination. It is best to have a press bottle on hand, filled with lukewarm water, and run the water over the perineum after urination to remove blood loss and clots. After wiping up the excess water with a washcloth, spray the perineal region 2 or 3 times with The Repairer. These healing and anti-infective hydrosols will facilitate the rapid healing of lesions while reducing discomfort. This same formula can be sprayed on a caesarean scar as soon as it is possible to lift the dressing slightly in order to send a few jets of healing hydrosols. Running out of ideas to finish your bottle? Use The Repairer as a skin tonic for the face since it contains the best anti-wrinkle hydrosols in the formula! "

Véronik Tanguay, ND, Hta, Aromatherapist

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