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For the whole family!

Naturopathic follow-up 

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What is naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a way of experiencing well-being by optimizing the vitality of our own body. Through various naturopathic tools, observations of the environment and changes in lifestyle, the naturopath supports the person to regain balance in the various systems of his or her body.



Different topics can be addressed during a naturopathic follow-up: 

  • Fertility support
  • Physical and emotional imbalances
  • The prevention of vitality
  • Support the immune system
  • and much more!

The first meeting lasts 2 hours. It takes longer because we open a file there and several questions are asked to properly assess the overall well-being of the person. $165

The second appointment lasts 1h30. The naturopath will have done some work between meetings to establish an action plan and she will present it to you. $135

Subsequent appointments are generally one hour in duration. $90

Our naturopaths are properly trained to support all family members. Given our clientele focused on perinatal care, here is a description of the service during this period. 

Reasons to consult a naturopath in preconception

Conceiving a child is a big decision as a parent. Preparation is important to put all the chances on your side. A body that is optimal will allow for implantation and a smooth pregnancy.

Naturopathy will help regulate the menstrual cycle and balance hormones and in a heterosexual couple, the health of both gametes will be taken into consideration to optimize the health of the baby to come. 

For homosexual couples or for people in the process of insimination, naturopathy can help to get pregnant more easily.

During pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big moment in life, the body undergoes a lot of change and adaptation. To give the best to the growing baby, naturopathy allows to balance the changes, to give all the necessary nutrients for the good development of the baby, to prevent and to help with ailments and discomfort.
Naturopathy also allows us to accompany this time of life which is rich in emotions and stress. Through gentle means adapted to pregnancy, naturopathy can help you take care of yourself and your baby.

In the postnatal period

Your body has nurtured and kept two humans healthy in the last few months. Now it’s time to help it regain its balance to navigate the months following childbirth. It is normal to have an adjustment to make with energy levels, sleep and nutritional needs.
For a smooth transition, naturopathy can support your health and ease your aches.

With baby

In naturopathy, we focus on the prevention of various ailments and a global accompaniment to the causes of these when they are present. 

As a parent, we want the best for our baby and we want to avoid that he or she suffers at all costs. 

The naturopath accompanies us with advice on good living habits, diet, sleep, fresh air, furnishings and natural products. It is possible to promote well-being in babies and children.




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