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Baby shower / Blessingway

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Our large room is for rent for your baby shower or your Blessingway. 

In addition to rental, we can also offer additional services! 

*Before buying your rental hours, check that the room is available!

For the availability and prices of a tailor-made package, contact us! *

The difference between a Baby Shower and a Blessingway? 

The baby shower part of the tradition of "showering" the parents under the gifts, in view of the birth of their first baby. It's a family celebration in addition to being a good way to equip yourself with the necessary equipment. There are sometimes games, entertainment as well as a buffet and drinks served on site. 

The Blessingway is an event that brings together important people for the couple or the person who will give birth. It's a way to unite and weld the circle of support of future parents. The activities presented will be more in a symbolic form. There is not required an exchange of gifts, but often a buffet and drinks can be served. 

here is a list of additional services which can be added to the initial rental of the room for both a Shower and a Blessingway. Prices may vary depending on the number of guests at the event, it is best to request service by calling or filling out the Contact form

Note that it is possible to rent the space for a child's party! 


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