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Sexology consultation


At the moment, Shanie our sexologist is on maternity leave. We have an intern in the 3rd year of study, Lydia Cantin, who can see you for consultations at a low cost. 

Our vision

The service of sexology consultation service that we offer is aimed at parents and future parents. In a mix of cognitive-behavioural, feminist, positive parenting and humanist approaches. We wish we could accompany you in the benevolence and the respect of your values. 

Individuals or couples can contact us for a follow-up in a supportive intervention relationship to obtain listening, to be guided in case of situational problems as well as to think about short-term goals and possible solutions in order to find a balance following a shocking event.

Reasons for consultation

The reasons for sexological consultations may be related to
  • making a decision following an unexpected pregnancy, 
  • going through perinatal bereavement, 
  • manage a separation, 
  • understand a lack of sexual desire following the arrival of baby, 
  • express a desire to have a child and/or fertility difficulties, 
  • experience pain on penetration during sexual intercourse
  • integrate a co-parent into the family unit,
  • develop a positive body image. 

Consultations can also address needs related to your child’s psychosexual development (XNUMX-XNUMX years) such as: 

  • answer adequately to your child’s questions related to sexuality,
  • supervise self-stimulation, 
  • address sexual play between children, 
  • explore the concepts of boundaries and consent, 
  • grasp the spectrum of gender identities and support her creative child in gender/non-binary, 
  • accompany your intersex child. 

Sexology services are available at Montreal in our offices, we are located at please find our adress in our Contact page.

To better prepare you for your sexology appointment,you don't have to explain to the booking agent what your issues are, simply ask for an appointment. You can make this appointment alone or as a couple..

To reach us quickly or make a service request: 


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