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Ring Sling / Adjustable Scarf

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The Adjustable Scarf wraps your baby naturally and ergonomically to optimize comfort and promote bonding. Designed for occasional use and quick installation, it offers several possible positions for carrying from birth and without weight limit. Compared to the long scarf, its structure with rings is intuitive and facilitates its use. This sling is accessible and very popular with parents looking for an easy solution for carrying a newborn. Even if the weight is only on one shoulder, it remains surprisingly very comfortable.


  • From birth and without weight limit.
  • Fits all sizes of babies and carriers.
  • 5 carrying positions according to age, level of awakening or activity.
  • Structure with rings for simple and intuitive use.
  • Wraps the baby perfectly in the desired position safely.
  • Made of 100% organic woven cotton. Oeko-Tex 100 certified.
  • 2 lengths available.
  • Designed and manufactured in Canada.

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