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Traditional Mexican Rebozos

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The rebozo is a traditional Mexican scarf woven to support and
contain the body. In Mexico, women use it in their chores as well
daily, for example to cover or carry their purchases, than to carry
their babies.

These rebozos are dyed and woven by hand in accordance with indigenous Mexican traditions. 

The rebozo symbolizes the threads of life that unite us to each other. It is an object
that accompanies us from birth to death.

It is used at the time of childbirth to help provide relief to the woman or the person who is giving birth. The rebozo is present during rituals for life transitions, it will then be used to carry and comfort the baby.

It can be worn as a garment to keep us warm and is traditionally passed on from mother to daughter on her wedding day.

It is said that wearing the rebozo shawl symbolizes the envelopment of the mother, and helps us to feel accompanied and supported. It can also be used to support people at the end of their life.

Your purchase helps support a family of indigenous Mexican artisans from, through to our equitable partnership.

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