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Services at home or at the center! 

Porterage workshop

We have 4 ways to accompany you with babywearing, click to make an appointment directly with a certified babywearing instructor! 


Here are the details of our porting services: 

  • Private workshop at home: Everywhere in Montreal as well as in Montérégie. The workshop lasts approximately 90 minutes and you can learn from the comfort of your home, with your family. ($150)

  • Private workshop at our care center: Bring your carrying tools and meet our carrying instructor at the center for your private 90-minute workshop. ($125)

  • Semi-private workshop : at home (Montreal and Montérégie) or at our care centre. In the case of a semi-private workshop, you have the opportunity to follow the workshop with one or more couples of friends for a duration of 2 hours. ($80/couple).

  • Group workshop at our treatment center : Each season we offer a group carrying workshop in our programming. Follow this link to see the schedule and register online ($ 40). 


Why follow a portage workshop?

  • Do a safe skin-to-skin practice in the immediate postnatal period
  • Start babywearing with confidence
  • Make a choice of baby carrier adapted to our needs
  • Understand my baby's discomfort with babywearing
  • Correct and improve our carrying technique
  • Learn to carry a growing baby on your back
  • Ask all our questions relating to the portage


The benefits of carrying:

  • Promote the bond of attachment of the baby to the carrier parent
  • Meet the need for closeness of the newborn and the older baby
  • Avoid injuries from prolonged arm carrying
  • Facilitate freedom of movement, the resumption of activities and outings
  • Support breastfeeding
  • Promote baby's cognitive and psychomotor development
  • Relief of baby's discomfort and reflux
  • Prevention of positional plagiocephaly
  • And more …


We also have several babywearing products for sale on our online store and at the center. If you want to order a particular color or a kind of baby carrier and you can't find it on our shop, we can order it for you! 

Do you have a question before making an appointment? Contact us directly! 


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