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EvöAir Ultra Versatile Baby Carrier

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*We only have the black model available*

NEW MODEL - The baby carrier EvoAir maybe used by all the members of your family since its adjustment system makes it possible to adapt to all sizes of carriers.

Adjustable in width and height, it adapts to the for sustainable baby and suitable from birth to toddler (up to 65lb and 30kg). Several accessoiries are available to maximize baby's comfort and make this carrier usable in all seasons !

The baby carrier EvoAir Bblüv is THE most popular baby carrier polyvalent of our products! Developed with Bblüv, it represents the realization of a work that fully meets the needs of parents. In addition to being able to adapt to any carrier, it will offer baby a optimal positioning for its development until early childhood. Inspired by traditional fabric baby carriers, recognized for their comfort, it provides a reassuring and comforting for maximum privacy and tenderness with the parent. Thanks to his soft fabric Microtec (a technology that regulates temperature) and its many accessories, this baby carrier can be worn in every season, inside and outside the comfort of home and ensures unparalleled comfort for both wearer and baby.  


  • Child's age : From birth to infancy (8 to 65 lbs - 3 to 30 kg). Adjustable in width and height, it adapts to the size and growth of the baby.
  • Size carrier or carrier: A baby carrier that will fit everyone thanks to its very flexible adjustment system.
  • carry positions : Up to 8 positions available to adapt to age, level of alertness or chosen activity.
  • Accessories included and available that help regulate temperature, further improve comfort and provide storage for the wearer.
  • Wearing suspenders : They can be worn parallel or crossed. The baby carrier can also be worn without the straps for more freedom and less heat.


The removable reversible panel and a carrying bag are included. A set of 3 accessories is also available. this includes a lumbar support, leg supports and belt pouch.  

Le reversible removable panel allows you to regulate the temperature of the baby. When added, it helps keep baby warm in cool weather. Removed, the mesh provides optimal ventilation in hot weather. In addition, it accessorizes your baby carrier thanks to its two reversible sides with textures et style different.  

Add the accessory set. THE lumbar support allows you to increase your comfort when he gains weight, to help you transfer your baby on your back or to carry your baby without the straps.

Turnkey leg supports are also offered to further enhance your comfort and that of your toddler from 6 months. Baby will then be well seated and glued against you in his baby carrier!

La belt pouch offers you more storage. It attaches directly to the baby carrier and can also be worn alone as a waist bag.


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