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Birthing pool rental



Contact us to make your reservation.

Pricing and rental fees

  • Rent for a month: $250+txs
  • Extra day: $15+txs
  • Delivery or pick-up fees: $30+txs
  • You can pick up and drop off the equipment yourself at our offices at 3925 Ontario East, Montreal, H1W 1S8

Why use it? Why a water birth?

A water birth is not only very safe but oh so much more enjoyable for the parents and the baby.

With a smooth transition from the belly to the land world, babies are calm and are born very gently. The sensations of the contractions are calmed by the warm, soothing water and you have the space to place yourself in the ideal positions for a natural birth.

Small apartments in big cities do not always have a bath that allows you to be submerged in water, get this pool for the optimal use of water during your birth! 

High hygiene standards

With high quality hygiene standards, all equipment is disinfected between each birth and a single-use plastic cover is provided to cover the inside of the pool.  

We offer delivery and pick-up of all equipment for an additional fee and equipment rental is for a period of one month at a time. You will be sure not to miss your chance to give birth in the water!

Equipment worth 800$ includes:

  • La Bassine birthing pool
  • Disposable plastic liner
  • Hose for filling and emptying
  • Pump for inflating and deflating the pool
  • Submersible pump for emptying water from a swimming pool
  • Water thermometer
  • A small net 
  • Additional valve end pieces
  • Instructions for ideal use


Contact us to make your reservation.