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Family and birth photography

The creation of your family is a unique moment! Our photographer, Joannie Dorval knows it well. She draws her practice from the present moment, natural light and the beauty of shared emotions. 

Mini family photography session! 

Next dates: July 2 at Parc Morgan!

  • 20 minutes per family
  • Maximum of 6 people
  • All photos will be submitted
  • $150+tax

We offer photography during pregnancy, during childbirth, in the immediate postnatal period (fresh 48) and family sessions. 

Here are the details of our photo shoots: 

Maternity session Ideal between 30 to 33 weeks - 60 minutes $300+tax
Newborn session First 24 to 48 of baby's life - 60 minutes $300+tax
Family session Maximum of 6 participants - 60 minutes $375+tax
Family session + For 7 to 12 participants - 60 minutes

Photography sessions are offered at home or in a place chosen by you. There are travel costs if it is more than 50km from our photographer's home (St-Jérôme). 

All the photos will be delivered following the photo session and you will have the right of reproduction for personal use. The delivery of photos is done by email approximately 1 week after the photo session. 

We can also be present to take pictures during the delivery!

Indeed, Joannie our specialized photographer can go to your place of birth to capture these intense moments. 

Before the birth, take the time to discuss with Joannie your expectations, your limits and your birth wishes. She moves with the onset of active labor and remains until the child is born. She slips away to give you all the physical and mental space to stay in your bubble. 

It illustrates for you the moments so important that you may not have had time to savor! 

We offer a free first approach meeting on Zoom, to get to know each other and see if Joannie's approach is right for you. 

The service includes:

  • A preparatory meeting on Zoom
  • 24/7 care from the 37th week
  • Presence from active work
  • Delivery of all the photos taken, by email
  • Right of reproduction for personal use
  • $1175+tax

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