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Pelvic massage tool

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This Limoges porcelain internal massager is designed for intravaginal massage, trigger point relaxation and pelvic floor training.

It can be used at home or in the clinic with your perineal and pelvic health specialist to help with your relaxation and strengthening exercises.

We offer you a specific use for each end of the internal massager, but the details of your use depend on your preferences. Since this is an item for internal use, it is important to be careful and read the Safety Notes carefully.

  • Trigger point relaxation: 

The contoured end of your internal massager has been developed to allow you to reach trigger points that are difficult to access. The solidity of the porcelain makes it easy to press them. 

  • Ergonomic curvature:

The curvature of the internal massager allows you to reach the front wall of the vagina and the precise tip allows stimulation and exploration of more defined areas.

  • Pelvic floor massage and training: 

The round end of the internal massager has been developed to help you relax your intravaginal muscles. In addition, this tip will be useful during your pelvic floor strengthening exercises. Its elongated and round shape will allow your muscles to surround the internal massager.

The tool can be used hot or cold, with or without lubricant.

There is a quality guarantee as well as a 5-year guarantee for breakage, accidental or not. 

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