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What is Osteopathy?

Osteopathy is a manual approach that helps restore the body’s various systems to facilitate self-regulation.It is done through precise palpation and a complete evaluation of the environment and the health of the person. The manipulations are gentle and painless.

he osteopathic service at home can help you improve your health while remaining in the comfort of your own home.

An osteopath specialized in the treatment of pregnant people and babies will come to your home for a complete appointment with all her equipment.

You can benefit from this service during pregnancy as well as after birth, and babies can begin treatment as early as their first days of life..

Here are some situations for which osteopathy is a good solution:

  • Pain in the back or pelvis during pregnancy
  • To prepare your body for an easier delivery
  • To diminish recurring headaches
  • Have a good physical recovery after childbirth
  • Solving breastfeeding problems in babies
  • Helping digestion and reflux in babies
  • Improve sleep for babies and parents

And much more!

« Marie-Lou had a very nice attitude and she was professional in her approach, I was very comfortable all along. Both baby and mom benefited from a very good service. Marie-Lou knows how to handle babies. The benefits of the service began to be felt during the session itself and we have already scheduled a 2nd session to further improve our condition. » -Khadija

Home osteopathic services are available our care center at 3925 Ontario East in Montreal or at home, in Montreal and on the south and north shores. To better prepare for your osteopathic appointment, make sure to clear the steps and the entrance as the therapist brings her treatment table. You can put on fitted clothes that allow you good mobility.

We follow the rules of hygiene to ensure the lowest possible risk of COVID-19 contamination.


$ 130.00

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