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Become a LPM member! 

We often hear: "It takes a whole village to raise children!"

We are a village. We are doulas, specialists in pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period. We are osteopaths, sleep consultants, breastfeeding consultants, sexologists, massage therapists and so on. 

We want to offer you a complete service offer and if you are looking for your little village to help you get through the next stage well, we are here. 

It's a wonderful gift to offer future parents who will need to find a place for all the services they may need in the coming months. 

Here are the benefits that come with your membership: 

  • 10% discount throughout the store,
  • 10% discount on all services* (both services at the center and at home),
  • 1 free workshop at a value of $40 (or $40 off on a more expensive workshop),
  • Our merchandise : a reusable bag, a pin with our logo and a sticker for your "whale on board" car.

For 1 year, benefit from VIP promotional offers for members in addition to the discounts already offered. 

You will receive a membership card by post with your promo code for the online store. 

*The sexology service cannot be offered at a discount according to the Ordre des sexologues du Québec. 

*You have a free membership for 1 year with the purchase of a birth support package. If you are a member before choosing to hire a doula for your childbirth, you will have $89,99 off the chosen support package. 

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