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MEGA-SALE Cloth diapers - Second hand

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These second-hand cloth diapers are in the "all-in-one" style, meaning that the padding is already sewn into the diaper. You can add an insert or two to improve absorption. 

If you would like to choose your colors after purchase, write us a message or call us to specify which colors you would like to receive. 

You can pick up your diapers here or have them delivered. 

We have several sizes of cloth diapers and you have the option of taking all-in-one diapers or pocket diapers (only for the large adjustable size). 

Our cloth diapers are second-hand, already scoured (industry term meaning deep cleaning) and ready to use. All rubber bands are in good condition. 

The prices : 

  • Insert: $1
  • Premature (also diapers for dolls!): 8 for $25
  • All-in-one diaper: $5/diaper or 6 for $25

If you start using cloth diapers, you can take a starter kit of at least 24 diapers of the same size. 

We sell all diapers individually but they do not come with an insert, they must be purchased separately. 

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