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Baby massage

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Five meetings devoted to baby massage.

Session: week from November 15 to December 20

The course is given on Wednesday morning at 10 a.m.

Massage is a wonderful way to communicate with your baby and will bring incredible amounts of benefit to both of you. 
These meetings will allow you to socialize and exchange with other parents who live a similar daily life.

The workshop is aimed at parents whose babies are at most 12 months old and can start from birth.

Claudine Jean has worked in collaboration with parents for many years (certified trainer in the Bonapace method (2006), birth hypnosis (2016), birth attendant (2017) master-trainer in the Aisance-Birth massage method ( 2018) and certified baby massage instructor (2014)) in order to equip them well so that they can feel confident and flourish in their new role.

Course content :

  • Learning massage techniques adapted to your baby, at each meeting;
  • Learning a massage routine to relieve gas;
  • Conditions favorable to massage;
  • Recommended oils;
  • Difference between physical crying and emotional crying and how baby massage can intervene;
  • The benefits of massage for babies;
  • Adaptation of massage for the growing child;
  • Learning gentle movements to improve the connections between the two hemispheres of the brain, soften the arms and legs, align the spine and massage the belly, all in pleasure;
  • Discussions on topics that you have chosen.

General information: The price of the course includes the five meetings, a bottle of oil, as well as the course notes. Since places are tight due to COVID, only one parent can come with the baby. 

Materials required:

  • Waterproof pique or alèze;
  • Two or three small blankets or towels;
  • The usual contents of the diaper bag;
  • For babies six months and older, two or three soft toys;
  • For parents, flexible and light clothes.

The vaccination passport is required in order to attend these courses. 

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