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e-Manual: Sign Language for Babies

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25-page manual to learn in a self-taught way to sign with your baby. 

Contents of the manual: 


  • Why sign
  • The benefits
  • The functioning

The signs

  • The Family
  • The questions
  • The emotions
  • The actions
  • The food
  • Animals
  • The alphabet

The integration

  • Sign the names
  • Exercices
  • Nursery Rhymes
  • Note space

This guide is intended for hearing parents of hearing children. Signs can improve communication between parents and their children. The child's needs are understood more quickly by the parents and the crises are fewer and shorter! 

Upon purchase, the manual will be emailed to you automatically. 

Designed by Camille Maheu, the director of Les Premiers Moments, doula and naturopath in perinatal care, Camille also has the 5 basic levels of Quebec Sign Language. 

Also visit the LSB Reminder Cards page, to bring the signs everywhere with your baby. 

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