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Double electric breast pump rental


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  • Minimum 2 weeks rental: $70

  • Disposable Hygienikit Ameda: $85

  • Additional weekly rentals: $35+txs

  • Extra day: $5+txs

  • Delivery or pick-up fees: $30+txs

Ask for an on-site breastfeeding consultation to help you use the breast pump properly and solve your breastfeeding problems:

30 minutes: $75

60 minutes: $100

By appointment only

Why rent a breast pump instead of buying?

There are several advantages to renting a breast pump instead of buying:

  • It's more economic to rent than to buy a breast pump of the same quality (between $300 and $500 new)
  • It's more ecological industrial printing process to rent a breast pump that is made to work for several years and be used by multiple users than to buy one that can only be used by you.
  • Our rental model Elite Pro by Ameda is the model used by several hospitals, so you will be able to use the single-user bottles and harvesting equipment that you had to purchase at the hospital.
  • You are not cluttered with a machine that no longer serves you after a few weeks/months.
  • You get the power of a professional model at an affordable price.

Why rent with us rather than with a pharmacy?

Because by doing business with us, you enter a family of multidisciplinary therapists who can support you in your breastfeeding plan.

Get a consultation when renting a breast pump to find out the best way to achieve your goal. It’s not enough to have the right machine, it takes the right advice!

Make an appointment to pick up the breast pump and take a consultation of 30 or 60 minutes to leave with full confidence. 

If you are unsure whether you should rent a breast pump but would like to have a breastfeeding consultation, visit our Breastfeeding support page for all details.

Why rent a double breast pump instead of a single pump?

To extract milk from both breasts simultaneously and thus save time and energy. It is a good solution for many situations: 

  • mixed breastfeeding
  • when milk production due to prematurity or a planned caesarean section must be started
  • when the baby is unable to latch on after consulting several breastfeeding professionals

Contact us to make your reservation.


One model of breast pump for everyone?

If you have tried the breast pump provided by the hospital during your stay, you will be on familiar ground as most major hospitals use the same model. The Ameda Elite Pro Double Pump is very versatile and can adapt to all bodies and all breastfeeding. 

The cups come in several sizes to ensure your comfort and the efficiency of the machine. Be sure to measure your areolas to purchase the cupola in your size. We have from 22.5 mm to 36.5 mm. You need to measure your nipple after breastfeeding or add 2mm to your nipple measurement without stimulation. Measure the base of the nipple for a more accurate measurement. 

Since you regulate the intensity of the pump and the speed of the cycles yourself with great precision, you can use this breast pump as much to stimulate and start milk production, as to extract more gently on engorged breasts without increasing the production.

With the rental of the electric breast pump, you will receive the link to the private video with installation and use instructions, available in French and English. 

Rental operation

The rental of the breast pump must begin with a period of two weeks. After that, you can add days or weeks as you wish.

With the rental of the breast pump, you must purchase the sterile parts that will be in direct contact with your skin and milk. You will also receive instructions on how to sterilize the equipment so that it can be reused for personal use. This kit is compatible with other Ameda breast pumps, like the Mya Joy which we also have for sale.

You can request a delivery or pick up the equipment at our offices at 3215 rue Ontario Est, Montreal H1W 1P3. We recommend that you make an appointment to pick up the breast pump and take the opportunity to take a 30 or 60 minute consultation on your breastfeeding, which will allow you to leave with a good reliable machine and good advice so that your breastfeeding starts off as desired.

We ask for a security deposit which is given to you upon return of the equipment.

Contact us to make your reservation.