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The Little Babywearing Handbook

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The Little Handbook of Portage is aimed at both new parents and perinatal care providers.

This very first introductory guide to porting contains:

  • Step-by-step steps to learn how to carry in front, on the hip and in the back;
  • Instructions for wearing as a ring sling, woven or stretch sash, meh dai or preformed;
  • A section that deals with specific situations: breastfeeding while carrying, carrying a child with special needs, carrying on the back, etc.

It's a wonderful tool for self-directed learning or guiding your clients with a reliable manual. 

Qualities : 

  • Un introductory guide to babywearing physiological and respectful of the child's development.
  • who is also reference tool inspection and checklist, including a detailed table of contents and several tables.
  • Easy et Fast to consult.
  • All in color with over 300 pictures.

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