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Stretch wrap

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Soft and versatile, thestretch scarf is perfect for your baby's first months. It allows a natural envelopment and an even distribution over the entire body of the wearer. The elasticity of the fabric allows the baby to be very comfortable and to move freely. Made of high density cotton knit, it provides good stability compared to a simple jersey. It is practical for quick transitions, as its flexibility helps to easily remove the baby without untying it. I'stretch scarf gives the realistic impression of carrying her baby in her sweater.

  • From birth to infancy (8 to 30 lbs - 3 to 15 kg).
  • Fits all sizes of babies and carriers.
  • 4 carrying positions according to age, level of awakening or activity.
  • Allows a variety of simple knots to be made.
  • Wraps the baby perfectly in the desired position safely.
  • Made of 100% organic cotton knit.
  • Available plain without pocket or with illustrated pocket.
  • Designed and made in Canada.

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