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Hoodie / Nursing hoodie

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No more lifting your sweater and being cold to feed your child! Pregnancy and nursing hoodies were designed by a young mother who was tired of practically undressing and always being cold when the temperature in Quebec drops. 
The Vanita hoodie is perfect for:
-The pregnancy
-Ideal for postpartum

This long sleeve hoodie offers both comfort and functionality. Cotton fabrics are stretchy and made to fit your body throughout your pregnancy. It allows easy and discreet access to breastfeeding thanks to an invisible zipper on each side.

The discreet opening is ideal for breastfeeding on demand. Just pull down the zipper, then pull the hoodie slightly to feed baby or express your milk.

Our tops are designed to look like normal clothing and can therefore be worn even after breastfeeding has ended.

All made in Montreal by a team of motivated seamstresses and an inspired designer. 

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