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Gift certificate in relevailles

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Gift certificate in relevailles

When family is away and friends are working

The relevailles service is given by postnatal doulas. It is a time when the parents can rest and make a transition to a new daily life. 

We can quickly be at the search for landmarks and solid anchors to better live these moments full of novelties.

By offering a moment of respite to your friends, your family or your colleagues, you have just given the most versatile, useful, thoughtful and appreciated gift of all!

Parents of twins don't need more laundry, they need more hands!

The 3 hour block may include

  • Baby care
  • Discussion about small daily obstacles with parents and advice for possible solutions
  • Light household chores (only if the baby is sleeping in his bed)

The service is available in Montreal and within a radius of 50 km on the outskirts

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