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Birth bench

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The birth bench helps and supports physiological childbirth in several ways. 

By remaining in an upright position, hips and knees placed in the proposed angle, created space to promote the descent of your baby in the pelvis. 

No pressure is put on your perineum / pelvic floor, which brings a comfort that can only be found when sitting on the toilet! 

To avoid spending hours in the bathroom to enjoy the comfort, the birth bench invites you to be in the ideal position for a physiological birth, wherever you will be! 

You can take it to the hospital with you or have it at home. 

If you don't want to buy a birth bench, we rent one! This way :) 

It is completely safe to spend the expulsion period on the bench, then you can easily catch your baby yourself, wow! 

Doulas and midwives can easily transport this bench to their clients or bring it to the hospital and amaze medical teams with this incredible support for physiological childbirth. 


Cherry wood 

Faux leather and 1 '' compact foam for the seat

15 '' wide
18 '' deep
13 '' high

This product is handmade, in Quebec, by dedicated artisans.