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Breastmilk Jewel - DIY Kit

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With this Breastmilk Jewelry DIY Kit, you can make your own jewelry yourself with your breastmilk.

We offer 3 mold models: Drop, Infinite and Hearts

All three models come with a gold or silver clasp. You can put the pendant on a chain you already have! 

Each Premier Lait breast milk jewelry kit is hand assembled with everything you will need to make your pendant:

  • The mold chosen beforehand;
  • Solidification solutions;
  • The pipette to take the exact dose of your milk;
  • The clasp with the chosen color;
  • The small user manual;
  • And more…

It's extremely easy to do – less than 10 minutes, from the comfort of your home, and the jewelry will solidify in the air in about 24 hours.

Breastfeeding requires time, perseverance and much more… But above all, it is precious moments that forge strong bonds between a parent and their baby.

We think it is important to commend these efforts and immortalize these unique moments.

This is why Premier lait, offers breast milk jewelry kits, for each parent, to allow them to quickly create an unforgettable memory of their breastfeeding.

In addition, you will have the satisfaction of having create your own jewel with the guarantee that it contains your breast milk, this “white gold” that has brought so many benefits to your baby.

See the quick procedure in this YouTube video:


It is possible to use breast milk, even if it is frozen or expired! It is enough simply to withdraw its milk a few minutes before making the jewel. Breast milk to design the jewel must be perfectly liquid to ensure that you have a perfectly made jewel!

The quality of the products we use allows an eternal life of your jewel. What might change over time is the coloring, as milk is an organic material. In addition to the kit to design your breast milk jewel, we will give you some recommendations to follow to guarantee the good life of your jewel.

Every mum is unique and so is your milk. No two breast milks are the same! Being the raw material of the jewel, this will have a reason on the color of the jewel. There are mums who produce "skimmed milk" because it is pale white in color, but many mums produce "butter" which can vary in color from very yellow to white. This is what will make your breast milk jewel as unique as you are ✨

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