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"Nipple" balm for breastfeeding irritations

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What could be better than a natural product to take care of yourself in order to fully enjoy this sweet moment between you and your baby 🤍

When talking about breastfeeding with new parents, there is one thing that often comes up: sore/chapped nipples.

Nature Authentik has therefore made you a beautiful little product with double action:
• prevents dehydration of the nipples while protecting them
• heals and repairs irritations/chapping already present


- Shea butter deeply hydrates/nourishes, soothes the skin and promotes skin regeneration.

- Rosehip oil accelerates skin cell repair.

- Calendula oil soothes irritation, reduces inflammation and facilitates healing.

- Lanolin, like a natural barrier, intensely protects the skin and prevents/repairs chapping caused by the baby's sucking during breastfeeding.

how to USE

All you need to do is apply a small amount of butter to your nipples after each feeding.


There's no need to wipe your nipples before the next feed since this product is safe to use with ingredients that can end up in your baby's mouth.

All offered in a 30 ml amber glass container.

100% natural herbal product
Handmade with love, gentleness and mindfulness so you can take care of yourself naturally 🌿

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