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Softness Nipple Balm

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A jar of moisturizer, 30ml or 15ml

Nipple Softness moisturizer is the perfect ally for chapped and irritated skin of mothers and breastfeeding people. Made with shea butter and calendula oil.

Composed of natural ingredients, it is recommended to store the jar in a dry and cool place and to use it within six months of opening.


Butyrospermum (shea) parkii butter *, calendula officinalis flower extract *, simmondsia (golden jojoba) chinensis gold *, oryza sativa micronized powder (rice powder), alpha DL tocopherol (vitamin E). * bio \ organic


THECalendula oil soothes, nourishes and has anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for sensitive and irritated skin, as it helps to restore the epidermis. Shea butter is bursting with nourishing, healing, repairing and conditioning agents for the skin. He softens and protects her. Vitamin E keeps our epidermis well hydrated, supple and smooth. Safe and harmless to baby when breastfeeding, it is not necessary to rinse the Soft Nipples before putting baby to the breast. 

This product is made in Quebec and is vegan. 

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