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Bench for Yoni Steam

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The Yoni Steam is a vaginal steam bath. It is a ritual that has been practiced for a very long time to cleanse the uterus and intimacy, often following childbirth. 

The Yoni Steam steam room is often made in squatting on top or by sitting directly on the bowl of hot water with an infusion of medicinal plants. 

It is important to do this treatment in a safe manner, while being well seated and avoiding the risk of burns or spillage of liquid. 

The Yoni Steam Bench is designed especially for this important ritual providing you with comfort and peace of mind. 

The opening at the bottom allows you to pass a cord for a hot plate, leaving the water at a perfect temperature throughout the treatment. 

The handles help you to carry the bench everywhere in the house and why not, to your customers! Doulas and midwives are often the birth professionals who can guide this care. 

The top of the bench opens to insert your water bowl, which will stay safe. The height of the bench is also perfect and the slot will guide the steam to your Yoni comfortably. 

In pine or cherry, it is a quality product, made in Quebec by dedicated artisans. 

Available for delivery or for pickup in store. 

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