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Baby Thalasso Bath | Gift Certificate

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Before buying the treatment: 

Make sure that the space where the treatment will be offered (bath or shower) is a minimum of 54 inches in length.

If you have any doubts about the space, please send us a photo to

Note that if the space turns out to be too small, the certificate changes into a global amount to be spent on the product or service with us, no refund will be made. 

Description of the treatment

A perfect gift for our loved ones. Relaxation is initially offered to the newborn, but the parents also benefit from a moment of calm and sweetness with their baby. 

A Baby Thalasso Bath is a transitional treatment offered to newborns aged 4 to 28 days. The treatment lasts approximately 1h30-45 and is done at home. 
The treatment can be offered to twins!

To make an appointment directly for the treatment, please follow this link! 

Relaxation is favored by rocking and slow movements in the water.
It is important not to use hot water 2 hours before the treatment (dishwasher, washing, shower) since the water flows continuously during the bath (30 minutes). 

The treatment is completed by a baby massage session where the practitioner takes the time to inform the parents about its benefits and to integrate 5 archaic reflexes that will help the baby's emotional and motor development. 

Excellent gift for yourself or for future parents!

How buying works

When purchasing your gift certificate, you will not receive the card automatically. We'll take the time to create a personalized gift card with the person's name and a unique purchase code. The certificate will be sent to you within 24 business hours of purchase, by email. 

You can list the names of the recipients in the "comments" section when purchasing! Do not hesitate to call us if you have specific instructions to put on the gift card.

Note that the care is given at home, everywhere in Montreal and within a radius of 50km to the south and 30km to the north of Montreal. 

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