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Oat Bath

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Avena sativa (oat flakes), rosa centifolia (rose flowers), calendula officinalis (calendula flowers), cocos nucifera milk powder (coconut milk powder), lavandula angustifolia (lavandin flowers), lavandula angustifolia oil (oil true lavender essential oil).


Traditionally recognized for its soothing properties for the epidermis, oats also have the advantage of gently cleansing and moisturizing. Calendula, rose and lavender flowers are precious allies of bodily well-being for babies and mums, while coconut milk powder revitalizes the skin.

No bath in case of caesarean section. For external use only. This product can be used safely during pregnancy.


A 100g bag of herbs and oatmeal.

Comes with 2 small washable and reusable organic cotton muslin bags. After use, throw the contents of the bag in the compost, rinse it and let it dry until the next moment of relaxation.

It is possible to take the bath with the baby and this product is also safe during pregnancy!

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