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Baby Thalasso Bath

Ideal for babies from 4 to 28 days old, make an appointment directly for this magnificent home care. 

Want to give it as a gift to new parents? follow this link to receive the gift card. 

**Before making an appointment or offering this treatment as a gift, please ensure that your bath or shower is at least 54 inches in length**



In addition to the Baby Thalasso Bath, you can have a photo session with a professional photographer! A bath of milk and flowers creates breathtaking shots. 

You will have a discount of 6 to 8 retouched shots. You must reserve at least 2h30 for the complete treatment. 

The Bath with photos and flowers: $350+txs

You must write or call us to book this treatment. 


Baby Thalasso Bath

A Baby Thalasso Bath is a transitional treatment offered to newborns aged 4 to 28 days. The treatment lasts approximately 1h30-45 and is done at home. 
The treatment can be offered to twins simultaneously! 

The Thalasso practitioner will move into your bathroom and bring all her equipment with her. 

This treatment can: 
  • Facilitate the arrival towards the extra-uterine life and makes it possible to soften the traumatic births.
  • Allow baby to find the reassuring sensory cues of his parent's belly and thus release the tensions of childbirth.
  • Improve bonding and parenting skills.
Relaxation is favored by rocking and slow movements in the water.
It is important not to use hot water 2 hours before the treatment (dishwasher, washing, shower) since the water flows continuously during the bath (30 minutes). 

The treatment is completed by a baby massage session where the practitioner takes the time to inform the parents about its benefits and to integrate 5 archaic reflexes that will help the baby's emotional and motor development. 

We serve the city of Montreal as well as the south shore of Montreal.

    Do you have a question before making an appointment? Contact us directly! 


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