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Prenatal Services

Workshop for Expecting Parents

In an ideal world, all new parents should have the support of their community and ample resources to navigate the transition to parenthood.

Meeting other parents breaks isolation and also allows the sharing of knowledge in other to transition to parenthood in a gentle and positive way. Our team can be part of your community and an active resource!

In this three-part workshop, we will explore natural approaches to labour and breastfeeding. We offer a special workshop for labour partners. This workshop is designed to provide the skills needed to offer physical and emotional support all throughout birth.

With a clear head, you’ll finally be able to dive into your postpartum period with the tools and all the information you would need.

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Workshop for Expecting Parents

The Natural toolkit for Birth, Breastfeeding and the Birth partner primer workshops are now available in private!

If you feel like you want to take the three workshops, we suggest you to register in our prenatal classes, which you can have in private or in little groups. The same information will be given but with more details and more time!

Natural toolkit for Birth

We offer a two-hour workshop that will equip you for a childbirth. less medical, faster and more confident.

We cover:

  • Toolkit for managing contractions
  • How to help position baby optimally
  • The alternatives to epidural
  • How to prepare your body
  • The essentials for your hospital bag

Our doulas and perinatal naturopaths provide explanations and answer all your questions, tailoring to your unique situation.

This workshop is now only given in private! 


During pregnancy, breastfeeding education is often neglected. Many parents come home with the baby feeling unprepared and with many questions.

This workshop addresses:

  • The first few days of breastfeeding
  • Your baby’s instinctive behaviours and abilities
  • Material support for breastfeeding (pillows, chairs, etc!)
  • Advantages and disadvantages to mixed breastfeeding
  • Natural products and survival toolkit

This an hour and a half workshop is given by a doula specialized in breastfeeding. It’s only available in a private setting for now.

This workshop is now only given in private! 

Birth Partner Primer

This an hour and a half workshop answers all the birth partners’ questions! If you are going to be present at a loved-one’s birth, this workshop is for you!

Come learn how to support your loved one physically, emotionally and in a safe way.

This workshop is now only given in private! 

$ 150.00

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