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aloe gel

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A 120 ml container


Thickened aloe vera gel (polyacrylic acid – thickening agent)

Keep out of reach of children, air, heat and light.


Aloe vera, a plant with multiple properties.

It is unlikely that you have never heard of the beneficial properties of aloe. This plate also finds a place of choice in the oldest medical treatises.

For millennia, it has been recognized for its soothing, healing, purifying, moisturizing, tightening and regenerating effects.


Whether you use it in its pure version, directly from its leaves, applied topically or as a base to which essential or vegetable oils can be added, its benefits are innumerable.

To soothe the perineum after the passage of baby, it will be applied directly to the affected area or to a panty liner after thoroughly cleaning the area with the help of a perineal bottle. This will facilitate healing and scarring.

It can also be used for the face as an excipient with essential oils for a radiance boost and tensor effect.

Aloe, alone or in synergy, also relieves burns, sunburn, cuts, dermatoses, wounds, oily or irritated skin.

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