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Birth Doula Services

Make an appointment to be matched with a doula from our team
You can meet up to 3 people from our team before choosing YOUR doula. 



The first information meeting is free! Request an approach meeting with a birth companion from our team now, it's 100% free and without obligation. Meetings take place online or at home.

A unique service

Our way of supporting families is truly unique. We put all our efforts to offer you personalized support, which goes beyond the conventional limits of birth support. 

With our team, which is made up of several related therapists (doulas, osteopaths, sleep specialist, massage therapist, sex therapist, etc.) we can truly support parents in a comprehensive way. 

You can find all your services in the same place, under the same brand of trust. 

Our operation

Our support at birth is reliable, 100% adapted to you and our companions are well trained. In addition, our customer service brings you a guarantee. You are supported by a passionate administrative team dedicated to ensuring that everything goes well, especially in times of a pandemic. 

Our birth support includes ($ 1225 + txs): 

  • A free approach meeting
  • Support by email, text and phone during pregnancy
  • A meeting at home of 2h30
  • Child care from 37 weeks of pregnancy until childbirth
  • The custody of a second attendant relieves
  • Presence at childbirth (presence at home before moving to the place of birth as well!)
  • A postnatal meeting at home (variable time - it depends on your condition and that of the baby) 
  • One hour of telephone consultation (can be used in 1-2 or 3 blocks)
  • Support by email or text for 6 weeks after childbirth

If you are expecting your first child, we strongly suggest that you join private prenatal classes with your birth companion package. Taking prenatal classes with your companion also helps to solidify your bond and you will all be more comfortable during childbirth knowing each other well. 

You will therefore have 3 additional private meetings to your birth support follow-up, for a total of $1600+txs. 

By hiring a doula, you automatically become an "LPM Member" and benefit from its advantages for 1 year! : 

  • 10% discount on all services (except sexology)
  • 10% off entire store
  • 1 free workshop valued at $40
  • Our gift products: pin, car sticker and reusable bag! 

 Here is the list of our services: 


    The advantages and our take on the doula’s role

    A study by Washington University proves that the continuous presence of a doula during birth leads to:

    • 60% less epidurals
    • 50% less caesarean section
    • 25% faster deliveries
    • 30% less medication related to pain management
    • 40% less use of forceps and suction cups
    • 40% less artificial oxytocin to induce childbirth

    The health of the parents and the child is always at the centre of the care received during childbirth. But what about the emotional experience of the family?

    Having a doula present at your birth can make you feel more supported.

    Someone who knows you, with your history, expectations and needs, can help bridge the gap with hospital protocols.

    A doula can support you during a home, hospital or birth centre birth.

    She has many tools and can help manage the intensity of contractions and the birth process for both you and your baby.

    A doula will also visit you a few days after birth to offer support and answer questions.

    She has training in breastfeeding and is there to answer all your questions.

    The professional body for Doulas in Quebec is the Quebec Doula Association (QAD). By hiring a doula that is a member of AQAN, you make sure to hire a person who is fully trained. We cover the city of Montreal, a 50km radius outside Montreal on the north and south shore!

      Do you have a question before making an appointment? Don't forget to indicate where and when you expect to give birth :) 


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