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2nd Trimester - Nourishing Herbal Tea

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This herbal tea is ideal for the second trimester of your pregnancy. Nettle, flowering oats and alfalfa make this herbal tea highly nutritious, mineralizing, rich in proteins, vitamins and trace elements. It is also an ally of choice in stress management thanks to lemon balm and holy basil, two adaptogenic plants.

You will be seduced by its light taste and the sweetness it brings.

This herbal tea can be consumed throughout pregnancy, while breastfeeding and beyond, if you wish!


Let infuse 2 tbsp. in a cup of water for 8 minutes. Drink as many times a day as you want, from the 4th month of pregnancy.

Ingredients : Holy basil leaves, oat flowers, lemon balm leaves, stinging nettle leaves, alfalfa, lavender flowers

Warning: Do not use in case of glaucoma and medication with hypnotic effect.

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