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Vanessa Dupuis - Doula, naturotherapist, massotherapist

Vanessa is available to accompany births in: 

January and February 2022

If you do not find availability on the site for your delivery, call us at (514) 312-1723 or write U.S.

Vanessa Dupuis - South Shore / Montreal

Vanessa is a massage therapist recognized by the RMPQ since 2015. She specializes in chronic pain, pregnant women, children and babies. Doula since 2019, she has already had the chance to accompany several families, many of which are VBACS (vaginal birth after caesarean section) and IVF (in vitro fertilization).

Several different types of classes and experience have completed her training in order to be recognized by the ANQ as a naturotherapist. Having worked more than a year with midwives in a birth center, Vanessa has acquired a multitude of methods to facilitate physiological births.

Parents love her energy and confidence. She knows how to be friendly while being professional at the same time, discreet. She is present but above all calm and funny. Her humor makes everything easier to understand and to tame.

She is a woman of heart who has always worked in the field of physical and mental health. The well-being of others really matters to her. We quickly feel welcomed without judgment and with tenderness. She is also a woman of head, who has enough character to have her values respected.

Passionate about learning more and more, here are a few examples of her upcoming projects; in February 2021 she will be certified by the AIMB to be able to teach the baby massage program to parents. She hopes to become a pre and post natal yoga teacher and is interested in several other training courses.

Vanessa has 4 children all born in the hospital with different stories for each birth. She lives in the Lanaudière region, so she covers the Lanaudière, Greater Montreal, Laval, South Shore and even the Laurentians on occasion.



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