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Vanessa Bonin - Sleep consultant and postpartum support

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Vanessa Bonin - Sleep Consultant

Vanessa has been a nurse for several years and has been passionate about children's sleep since the birth of her daughter. 

Having faced interrupted nights herself, she soon found herself faced with a mountain of conflicting information about how babies sleep. With her great natural curiosity, she began to read up on the subject in search of answers, only to realize that sleep is a much more complex subject than you might think. She therefore decided to do her sleep consultant certification with a holistic approach, in accordance with her values ​​of benevolence. She knows how to skillfully combine her scientific knowledge with more intuitive approaches, in order to help you understand your baby's sleep. 

His accompaniments are imbued with listening, gentleness and empathy. 

She will encourage you to listen to your intuition to find solutions that respect your pace and your baby's unique needs. 



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  • Maternity and child sleep consultant program, International Parenting and Health Institute, 2020.

  • Bachelor of Nursing, McGill University, 2016.

  • Nursing Techniques, Cégep du Vieux Montréal, 2012.