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Soline Le Martret - Postnatal companion

Soline is available for successorships now: 

If you do not find availability for your replacements on the profile of our companions, please call us at (514) 312-1723 or write to us. 

Soline LeMartret Montreal

Spontaneous, lively and attentive, Soline is above all driven by the desire to help others to fully experience every significant moment in life.

After several years in communications at the service of non-profit organizations, she decided to follow the call received and to train in astrology and birth support.

Birth center assistant, doula, offering prenatal classes, support and replacement services, she is immersed in the perinatal environment, even without having given birth herself yet!

What fascinates her about the world of births is of course the welcoming of a (new) soul, but also that of the person who gives birth to it, who is invited to reconnect with their deep nature and to let themselves ( em)wear to become a new version of herself.

It is this journey that she accompanies, supports and wishes to protect through her role as doula.



  • National Breastfeeding Training, 2022

  • National Indigenous Sensitivity Training, 2022

  • CPR training, 2022

  • Birth support training, Alternative Naissance, 2021

  • Breastfeeding training, Alternative Naissance, 2021

  • Prenatal and postnatal training, Quantik Mama, 2021

  • Training on the symptothermal method, Séréna Québec, 2021