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Shanie Lapointe - Sexologist - Perinatal and Early Childhood Specialist

Shanie is available for meetings at home or on Zoom (in clinic from August)

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Shanie Lapointe- Montreal

Shanie is a dynamic, approachable, empathetic, open-minded and a creative woman. She is driven by passion, contact with people and a diversified daily life. Since graduating in sexology, she has worked in the community.

As a family educator, she has been able to develop expertise in group facilitation, accompany parents in their role as educators of their children’s sexuality, and equip school-age children to prevent various types of violence, among other things. Then, as a youth worker, she was fortunate enough to be welcomed by young people in the intimacy of their environment and to be chosen by them to go on a path with them. These experiences made her grow and evolve both professionally and personally!

Finally, she has also been involved as a volunteer in the LGBTQ* community, finding it important to give her time to a community of which she is a part.

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  • Doula training, Alternative Naissance, 2020 
  • Breastfeeding support, Alternative Naissance, 2020 
  • Support for termination of pregnancy, Les Passeuses, 2020 
  • Facing Life’s Dramas: Applied Positive Psychology, Brigitte Lavoie, 2017
  • Trans 101, ASTT(e)Q, 2017
  • Better tools to deal with sexual assaults, Trêve pour Elles, 2016
  • Gender-Based Analysis, Relais-femmes, 2015
  • Problem of conjugal violence: basic training, SOS Violence Conjugale, 2014
  • Kid Power Parent-Child 3-5, Full Power/Kid Power, 2012
  • Workshop for future LGBT + parents, Coalition of LGBT families, 2010
  • Member of the Ordre Professionnel des Sexologues du Québec: 202006-012
  • Bachelor’s degree in sexology, UQÀM, 2008