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Sabrina Botto - Masso-physiotherapist

Sabrina is available for massage therapy treatments at the center, you can make an appointment with her here.  

If you do not find availability for your massage therapy treatments on this profile, please call us at (514) 312-1723 or write to us. 

Sabrina Botto - Masso-physiotherapist

Massage therapist and physiotherapist since 2019, Sabrina graduated in France after 5 full years of university training.

Its expertise covers a wide range of areas, from physical rehabilitation to well-being, aimed at adults as well as children, even toddlers. In other words, she masters the techniques to help all ages regain their shape and well-being.

She practices with experience therapeutic and well-being massage (Swedish, Californian, sports) as well as manual lymphatic drainage of the limbs or face.

She specializes in the field of perinatal care which fascinates her. She worked for more than 4 years in a university hospital center at the heart of the Mother-Child Center in the maternity, neonatology, neonatal intensive care, pediatrics and high-risk pregnancies departments. She therefore has versatile experience ranging from pregnancy to the first stages of life.

She is particularly interested in the care of pregnant and postpartum women, using specific massage and mobilization techniques to meet their needs. In other words, she knows how to relieve mothers before and after childbirth by adapting her methods accordingly.

Experienced with premature babies and infants, she practices respiratory physiotherapy to relieve nasal and bronchial congestion (such as bronchiolitis, respiratory infections, etc.) by freeing the airways.

Sabrina is also a babywearing instructor and will be able to teach you how to carry your baby ergonomically and safely. She also offers workshops to improve motor skills, encourage movement and relaxation in babies.

She carries out baby massage sessions as well as workshops where she teaches techniques that can be reproduced at home by parents.

Passionate, gentle and precise, Sabrina responds to the unique needs of each patient while providing them with professional and tailored care.


  • Management of swallowing and oral disorders in vulnerable children – Luciole Formation (Bordeaux, France) 2023 

  • Physiological baby carrying training – PhysioLearn (Paris, France) 2022

  • Physiotherapy and functional treatment of malpositions and malformations of the feet of infants – ARB Formation (Paris, France) 2021

  • Baby effleurage massage training – Public assistance from hospitals in Marseille (France) 2021

  • Respiratory physiotherapy and artificial ventilation – Public Assistance of Marseille hospitals (France) 2019

  • Master's degree in Masso-physiotherapy (French diploma) 2014-2019