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Nathalie Albertini - Breastfeeding counselor

Nathalie is available for home visits or telephone support to help you improve your breastfeeding. 

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Nathalie Albertini - Montreal and Laval

Since the birth of her first baby, Nathalie is a self-taught woman who has accumulated more than 15 years of experience in perinatal care, accompanying births, assisting midwives (more than 300 deliveries over 5 years), and finally choosing to specialize in breastfeeding.

A mother 3 times, breastfeeding godmother, postnatal and breastfeeding support, Nathalie will help you gain confidence in your breastfeeding projects!

With a solid training in human lactation and hours of direct support for families of all kinds, she is there to accompany you in your breastfeeding as you imagined it! Benevolence is at the heart of her mission of accompaniment and teaching. Listening, transmitting the tools to empower mothers, this is how she sees perinatal support!



  • Montreal 2021 – Certificate in Sexual Health, Social Issues and Intervention Practices – Université de Montréal
  • Montreal 2018 – Internship in a breastfeeding clinic (24h) – Hertzl-Golfarb Breastfeeding Clinic of the Jewish General Hospital of Montreal – Supervision: Lydia Marcus ibclc and Karène Chevriot
  • Montreal 2019 – Communication around birth and breastfeeding – practice (7h) – Institut Co-Naître – Ingrid Bayot
  • Montreal 2016-2018: Specialized training in lactation / breastfeeding specialty (300h) – Institut Health-E-Learning – Carole Dobrich, Odile Lapointe, Mélanie Gingras
  • Mascouche 2017 – Seminar at the heart of breastfeeding (9h) – Nourri-Source Lanaudière – Dr Jack Newman
  • Montreal 2016 : La Grande conférence de l’AQC (18h) – Association Québécoise des Consultantes en Lactation – 6 conferences and trainers
  • Montreal 2015 : Midwifery Assistant Training (90h) – Maison de Naissance Jeanne-Mance Montréal
  • Montreal 2015: National Training on Breastfeeding (22h) – Direction de la Santé Publique DSP – Ginette Bélanger ibclc maître IAB
  • Montreal 2015 : La Grande conférence de l’AQC (18h) – Association Québécoise des Consultantes en Lactation – 6 conferences and trainers
  • Montreal 2013: Post-partum depression, recognizing it and orienting the mother – Nourri-Source Laval – Leanna Zozula
  • Montreal 2011 – Neo-natal adaptations (6h) – Institut Co-Naître – Ingrid Bayot
  • Montreal 2010 : Prenatal Shiatsu Prenatal Delivery (12h) – Birth – Bianca Thuot
  • Montreal 2009 : Birth Coaching Training (90h) – Mother and World
  • Montreal 2009: Basic training Breastfeeding Sponsor – Nourri-Source Montreal – Nathalie Lauzon
  • Montpellier (France) 1998: Preparation for midwifery school entrance exams