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Mission and values


We are committed to serving you with an open mind and an understanding of your reality, with open arms and with advice tailored to your reality.

Our original documents do not attach gender to parenthood; we are speaking to all parents, no matter how you define yourselves.


Why our Christmas market?

Here are the values ​​that best represent our market: family, ecology, natural health, empowerment and self-care.

If your products fall into the same line of thought, don't hesitate to subscribe!

We launched this idea at the "last minute" having missed the registrations for all the other Christmas markets. Like all good entrepreneurs, we therefore embarked on the project of having our own Christmas market!

The more the idea grew, the more we felt on our X. Our room is large and we want to optimize the space by furnishing it with magnificent little treasures.

If your products really fit First Moments' line of thought, long-term collaboration is always possible!

Christmas market registration

Here are the important things to know before entering the market:

-You must submit your registration by completing this form before November 30.
-Your products must have a purchase value of less than $ 100.
-You must represent at least one of the values ​​of our Christmas market: family, inclusion, ecology, natural health, empowerment and self-care.
-With the rental of the space you have a 30 "X72" table and a folding chair provided.
-You must be on site both days from 9 a.m. to 17 p.m.
-You can drop off your equipment and set up your booth on Friday December 10 between 20 p.m. and 22 p.m.
-We will be on site at 7 am on Saturday morning to allow you to settle in.
-On site there is free WiFi, a microwave for your lunches and we offer coffee for everyone.

Two table formats

To allow smaller artisans to participate without having to invest too much money, we have two table sizes: 6 'and 4'.

The plan presented is approximate and not to the exact scale but it allows you to see the arrangement of the tables. We made sure there was enough space to move around comfortably.

Who is Les Premiers Moments?

For 4 years now, we have had a growing family clientele. We have made our place in the perinatal market throughout the greater Montreal area by offering birth and postnatal support services. Now Les Premiers Moments lives in the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district and goes out to meet the families of the district.

Our team of therapists includes doulas, osteopaths, breastfeeding sponsors, massage therapists, and more.

We have a very inclusive vision of parenthood and we want to offer quality products and services to all the families who feel called by us.

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