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Mission and values


We are committed to serving you with an open mind and an understanding of your reality, with open arms and with advice tailored to your reality.

Our original documents do not attach gender to parenthood; we are speaking to all parents, no matter how you define yourselves.


Our social involvement

The image of parenthood in Quebec is not representative enough of its society.

Here at Les Premiers Moments, we wish to represent Quebecois families as flexible and inclusive. In mainstream media, the images we see are of hetero-normative, cis-gender and Caucasian families, the accepted « normal. »

We wish to create an inclusive community for parents, giving voice and space to:

• Body diversity;

• The LGBTQ+ community;

• Solo parenting;

• Non binary persons and pregnancies;

• Different religions and backgrounds;

• Multiethnic backgrounds.

Inclusive service

The inclusion of all is at the heart of our values. Les Premiers Moments is a team of intersectional feminist multidisciplinary doulas and therapists. We have no preconceived notions of the perfect family or birth other than the one you give us.  

Our mission is to support families with advice adapted to each reality with the respect, empathy and openness that characterize us. We offer all our services in Quebec Sign Language to be able to promote our inclusive vision of society at all levels.

We take a stand by calling for difference.

Every parent and every child is unique and can make this world a better place. It is part of our mission to serve all communities with the same standard and the same passion.

Camille Maheu, founder of Les Premiers Moments

Camille’s path in perinatality started in Madagascar, offering birth support and care for women who couldn’t afford or simply didn’t want to give birth in the city’s hospital. It was in this small city of Diego-Suarez that she found her true love for community work and bond. We’ll always try to help out as many families in need of care, specially the ones living in precarious situations.

It is by being an assistant-midwife that Camille was able to testify to the strength of the human body, the will of mothers and the difference that confidence can make during childbirth.

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