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Marina Soppe - Massage Therapist

Marina offers massages with insurance receipts on Tuesdays and Fridays. 

 If you do not find availability for your massage on the profile of our therapists, call us at (514) 312-1723 or write US

Marina Soppe - Massage Therapist

Marina has been a registered massage therapist since 2021, she practices Swedish, prenatal and Thai oil massage.
After a long trip to South East Asia, she wanted to train in massage therapy. First in Swedish massage, a biomechanical technique that allows her to offer therapeutic and relaxing treatments.
Then in Thai oil, a more energetic approach that incorporates a lot of smoothing and gentle stretching.
Then life brought him on the path of perinatality, an adventure filled with physical, mental and emotional transformations. Prenatal massage can then become an essential support. 
Her approach is benevolent, she adapts the massage to your needs and will always listen to you.


  • Swedish massage - Ikra - 2021
  • Thai Nuad Naman massage with oil level 1 - KineConcept - 2021
  • Prenatal massage - KineConcept - 2021