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Laurianne Letarte - Birth and postpartum doula

Laurianne Letarte - South Shore

Trained as an educator, early childhood and maternity has always been a real passion for Laurianne. It was in 2010, when she entered the world of maternity, that she discovered the profession of birth doulas.

In 2012, pregnant with her 2nd child, she joins Alternative-Naissance’s birth doula training program. It is from this moment that she understood that maternity and parenthood would become her priority.

In 2015, life opened a door for her again: she became a birth assistant at the Richelieu birthing center. To this day, it is the most beautiful decision she has ever made! Her love, her energy and her desire to support new families will guide her to meet their needs. She also offers her services of postpartum relief, moments of happiness and exchanges that allow her to share her knowledge.

A native of Chambly, she travels throughout most of the Montérégie region and sometimes even to Montreal.



  • Training Special situations related to breastfeeding and/or milk production (DAY 4-5), Ingrid Bayot, Perinatal Academy, In progress
  • Training Global Approach: Parenting, Perinatal and Breastfeeding (DAY 1-2-3), Ingrid Bayot, Online Training, 2020
  • Hypno-Doula Practitioner Training, Annick Bourbonnais, Online Training, 2020
  • Perinatal aromatherapy training (6h), Jardin de Vie Academy, Véronik Tanguay, 2020
  • Rebozo Perinatal Training (6h), Esther Tétreault, Richelieu Birth Center, June 2018.
  • Breastfeeding Support Training, Marie-Caroline Bergouignan IBCLC, Alternative Naissance, 2013
  • Birth Doula Training, Jo Muise and Annie Noël de Tilly, Alternative Naissance, 2012