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Géraldine Giler - Doula and perinatal naturopath

 Geraldine is available to teach private prenatal classes in: 

December 2021
January and February 2022

If you do not find availability for your childbirth on the profi of our accompanying persons, please call us at (514) 312-1723 or write to us. 

Geraldine Giler - Montreal

Although her work has always been oriented around the perinatal period, Geraldine had never really felt fulfilled in a profession before becoming a doula.

First a childcare assistant in France where she worked at the hospital in pediatric surgery, she decided to come and settle in Montreal with her partner.
Unable to exercise her profession, Geraldine started working in a daycare center, then wanting to get closer to her roots, she was a beneficiary attendant at St Luc's Hospital.

When she becomes pregnant with her first child, she trains in birth support in order to get information and support herself. Not sure if she would take this training seriously, she did it primarily to help her with childbirth.

8 months later, she accompanies her first couple and it is love at first sight. She falls head over heels in love with this profession that sticks to her skin. Since then, she has been working in this profession full time, training regularly, because if the support nourishes her, the training courses revitalize her. Always in touch but also in constant evolution, Geraldine practices this profession with passion, juggling between her own family and those of others.

She lived 23 years in France, 4 years in Australia and since November 2012 in Canada.
She loves travel and tries to discover a new country whenever she can.
As soon as she can, Geraldine hopes to bring her family to life in an eco-community in Costa Rica and her dream would be to volunteer with her daughters in an underdeveloped country.



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