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Annik Lachance - Doula, perinatal naturopath, breastfeeding support

Annik is available for breastfeeding support as well as to accompany deliveries.

If you do not find availability for your childbirth on the profile of our accompanying persons, please call us at (514) 312-1723 or write to us. 

Annik Lachance - South Shore / Montreal

Following her delivery, Annik discovered a passion she would never have suspected. That of supporting parents in the world of perinatality.

Its goal is to allow parents to welcome their babies into our world with a little more gentleness, attentiveness and benevolence.

Annik lives in Mirabel and offers her services in the Lower Laurentians, Laval and on the North Shore of Montreal. She is also a Hatha yoga teacher, breastfeeding godmother and babywearing instructor and skin-to-skin counsellor.


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