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Agata Jakubczyk - Osteopath IO

To contact Agata and make an appointment with her directly: 

Agata Jakubczyk - Osteopath IO

Holder of a bachelor's degree in occupational therapy, Agata initially worked as a mental health worker, to then reorient herself towards teaching dance. 

Over time, osteopathy has become an essential choice for her in order to be able to offer the appropriate care for the pre and postnatal period to mothers and their babies. She offers her osteopathic care at our center or at home in Montreal. 

Engaged in the mission for the humanization of births, Agata has been involved in the perinatal community for the past 14 years. She has a wealth of experience in childbirth support and as a birth assistant to midwives.

Passionate about the birth transition, she is happy to pass on her knowledge through prenatal preparation meetings, workshops and conferences for future parents. She is also a trainer and supervisor for new companions. 

It is Agata who is now the teacher of the prenatal group classes that are given each month at the center, to register here. 


  • Osteopathic approach to women's health: from preconception to pregnancy and postpartum - Claudia Béland, DO osteopath, March 2022

  • Postgraduate training in pediatrics - Pascale-Julie Robinson, osteopath DO, March 2022

  • Therapeutic exercises in perinatal care - Émilie Fecteau, kinesiologist and osteopath DO, Spinal Mouvement, December 2021

  • College of Osteopathic Studies, part-time program 2015 -2022

  • 38th International Osteopathy Symposium, Pediatrics option, June 2021

  • Spinning Babies - Lorenza Holt, June 2018

  • Evaluation and treatment of plagiocephaly - Thierry Marck, pediatrician, 2018

  • Rebozo training - Alice Becker, April 2016

  • Breastfeeding training - Ingrid Bayot, January 2011 and February 2015

  • Use of herbs during pregnancy - Aviva Romm, doctor and midwife 2012

  • Obstetrics: birthing positions and protection of the perineum - Bernadette de Gaquet, February 2012

  • Pre and post natal yoga respiratory posturo approach - Bernadette de Gasquet, February 2011

  • National Breastfeeding Training, 2011

  • Massage for pregnant women and during labor - Bianca Thuot shiatzu massage therapist, 2009

  • Birth companion training - Alternative Naissance, 2008

  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy - University of Montreal, 1996