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Nursing pillow

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These beautiful cushions are more than nursing cushions, they are positioning cushions! 

With the totally antiallergenic microbeads, this cushion can be used for: 

  • Finally sleep in a comfortable position! 
  • Breastfeed in different positions always having good support for you and for the baby
  • Breastfeed twins !!
  • Make baby sleep for the nap near you
  • Help baby to stand in a semi-sitting position to avoid reflux
  • Give birth in a physiological position and help postures that increase the speed of labor! 

The cushion is made in Montreal so it is possible to bring it back to have it refilled once the microbeads are a little crushed. Believe us, they will be because you won't get anywhere without your pillow. The whole family will wish they had it! 

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